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See What Other People are Saying About Zombie Cataclysm

Fangoria: ZOMBIE CATACLYSM is a ghoul fan's dream come true.

Stuffer Shack: "So, I flat-out asked them, "Really, on a scale of 1-10, how much fun did you have?" Immediately, everyone said they were at either a 9 or a 10 on the fun scale.  They said this was a very fun night, and would definitely play it again. "

Premonitions of Death: "Reading through the manual for Zombie Cataclysm is easy and extremely amusing."

Dollar Bin Horror. "It's a pretty simple concept but a load of fun to play. "

The Zombiephiles! "That's where Zombie Cataclysm excels... you can do just about anything that you can do in real life."

Zombie Popcorn: I highly recommend this game for anyone who enjoys pen and paper RPG and zombies. You can also see us reviewed on their Zombie Popcorn Radio Show.