Frequently Asked Questions

We assume that sooner or later someone is going to get confused about a rule. This is where those questions and corrections are going to go. Until then it's just this little ramble to hide the fact that this is blank space. Move along. Move along.

Q: I see that if you don't have a weapon skill you can use the weapon at half of your stat, But what about Knowledge skills, would they know them at half stat? I think that physical skills like running and hiking should be skills that could be used, but other skills like Medical doctor would require training of some sort and should not be defaulted to stat rolls. 

A: You are looking at one of the strong points of the Zombie Cat system from the other end. You can do anything in the game that you could do in real life. Say what you want to do and it's up to the game master to decide what you have to roll. This makes a little more thinking for the GM but gets rid of the pages and pages of rules that you find in most RPGs.
    In the end it depends on what the person is trying to do. For instance if he wants to know what the drug Thorazine does that would be medical doctor or psychology check, but a difficult knowledge skill would also work. If he wants to take out a bullet I would rule that he can do it with a difficult intelligence, but if he fails a normal intelligence it will also do damage to the person who was shot. If he wants to do combat surgery he needs the medical doctor skill, end of story.
    This, by the way, is why there are three medical skills; first aid, paramedic and doctor. First aid can bind a wound, paramedic can remove a bullet, doctor can remove an appendix.

Q: Hi I live in Australia; a very populated yet heavily gun controlled area requiring licensing to own a gun as well as automatic weapons not being allowed unless used by the military and deactivation upon donation to museums also black powder weapons very rare and wanted to replicate this in my groups game as we all feel that the guns and ammo are simply far too common and easy to acquire. How would I be able to correct this in the tables for fire arms?

A:     Your military primarily uses the Steyr AUG Assault Rife: Damage 1d6, Caliber 5.56, Rate of Fire 7 (you can use an 8 for simplicity), Magazine: 30 or 42
    Your military's pistol is a 9mm Browning. Use the stats for the 9mm pistol from the game, with a 13 round magazine.
    It will take a little research to find what police use in your part of the country, but in Western Australia the standard sidearm is a Glock 22: Damage 1d8, Caliber .40, Action Semiautomatic, magazine 10, 15 or 17 round magazine, range 50
    In South Australia the standard sidearm is the S&W M&P, which in game terms is identical to the Glock 22.
    In you country about 5% of all people own firearms (I'm expecting that this percentage is much higher in the bush than the city), whereas in America it's 18%, so let's make the following modifications:

    When rolling on the random weapons table subtract six if you are in the city, four if you are in the bush.
    If you end up with a pistol roll a d10. On a 1-4 it's a 9mm Browning. On a 5-8 it's a Glock 22. On a 9-10 roll normally.
    No modification on shotguns.
     On rifles subtract four from the die roll, as lighter hunting rifles seem to be preferred there.
    Automatic weapons will be Steyr AUGs 95% of the time. For the rest roll normally (these are illegal weapons).

    The animals table you're going to have to fine tune as I don't know all the animals in Australia, but here's a guide:
    Replace buffalo with sheep.
    Replace turkey with small game animals.
    Replace deer with larger game animals.
    Replace wolves and bears with dogs (dingoes).

Q: I have a homemade air rifle and noticed no stats for air rifles. How would I make stats and would I just count it under the firearms skill ? 

A:     Air rifles would use the firearms skill. You could technically say that someone has to be shown the air rifle before they can fire it, but once they do it's functionally very similar to a firearm.
    There is a huge variation in air rifles, but as a general rule you can convert them by the rules on page 40, but count them as having pistol ammo of one caliber-category lower for damage and range. So an antique Australian Girandoni air rifle would be .46 caliber, do a d8 damage and have a range of 40. If you feel this is too powerful for your homemade air rifle then lower the numbers. 

The first printing of the book left off the combat skills for some animals. Here they are:
Alligators Bite: 10
Bear Bite: 10
Buffalo Trample: 8
Cows Trample: 8
Dogs Jump/Bite: 14
Horses Kick: 12
Rats Bite: 10
Wolves Jump/Bite: 15