Finding Dice

Zombie Cataclysm requires polyhedral dice (that's a fancy way of saying dice with a lot of sides) to play. Unfortunately attempts to clue these dice to the books before sale has failed and so you will have to go out and get some. Most hobby or game stores and some toy stores will carry them. Educational or teacher/parent stores also carry them. If you want to buy them online we recommend The War Store. You can also find really cheap dice on eBay.

If you don't want to pay for dice you can use a free dice roller program. The ones below will run on your laptop. If you have one of those nifty little handheld devices look for dice rollers in the apps. Most of them have them. 

Recommended: Browser Based Dice Roller
Quick and Easy Dice Roller
Another Simple Dice Roller
Random Dice Roller (this one can do a little more)
Free Dice 2.1 for Mac
Dice Roller for Playing in Chatrooms