How long would you really survive the Zombie Cataclysm?

Zombie Cataclysm is a zombie invasion simulation game. What would you do if zombies invaded your home town? In this game you are yourself. You have all the skills, abilities and even the same gun collection (assuming you have a gun collection). You are playing together with your friends, who all have their skills and such. Together, the group of you just might survive the Zombie Cataclysm.

The game uses a simple yet versatile rules system. You can try just about anything that you can do in real life. However, in real life you don't know for sure that you can take out a zombie with a fire axe and that's where the game system comes in. A simple roll of the dice and you will find out if you can decapitate a zombie in one swing or if you become zombie chow.

This is a game that you play in your living room with real people, not just on a computer. It is suitable for four or more players. The game system is easy enough that even children can play, but if little Joey is too young for a gory zombie movie then he is too young for a gory zombie game. It requires the Zombie Cataclysm book and some dice. The dice are not included but some free dice rolling programs are above under the link marked "dice".

So gather your friends, load your shotgun and get ready for the adventure of your life... literally! Only you can tell if you will survive the Zombie Cataclysm.

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